Home Electricity Price Plans

Enjoy savings with our simple price plans and the same reliable supply.

BEST Home Saver Upfront


Promotion Plan

Receive UPFRONT CASH rebates of up to 18%* of your 2 years total electricity spend!

  • Monthly Electricity Rate: Same as SP Regulated Tariff ($0.2365/kWh)
  • Valid only with 2 years contract
  • Upfront cash rebates calculation: Average of Latest 3 Months Electricity Consumption(kWh) x $1.07/kWh

*Estimated based on above cash rebate calculation vs prevailing current SP Regulated Tariff ($0.2365/kWh). Exact percentage savings will depend on actual consumption. Click on Calculate My Rebate for accurate estimate.

BEST Home Fixed


Fixed Rate Plan

Fixed rate of $0.1628/kWh (Promo Plan)

2 Years Contract- $0.1638/kWh

1 Year Contract- $0.1750/kWh

6 Months Contract- $0.1628/kWh

Rate is fixed during contract period. No rate changes regardless of price changes in SP Regulated Tariff.


Fixed Rate = $0.1638/kWh

Current Quarter SP Regulated Tariff = $0.2365/kWh

BEST Home Saver


Discount Off Tariff Plan

23% Off prevailing SP Regulated Tariff

2 Years Contract- 23% Discount Off SP Regulated Tariff

1 Year Contract- 18% Discount Off SP Regulated Tariff

Discount is guaranteed during contract period


SP Regulated Tariff less 23% = $0.1821/kWh

Current Quarter SP Regulated Tariff = $0.2365/kWh

All home plan subscribers will enjoy:

  • Security deposit only collected on first bill (no upfront deposits)