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Enjoy 1% cash rebate* with your POSB Everyday Card

Terms & Conditions for POSB Everyday Card


^Terms & Conditions for NTUC Vouchers

  • $50 NTUC vouchers for first 200 new sign ups / $30 NTUC vouchers for the next 300 new sign ups / $20 NTUC vouchers for the next 1,000 new sign ups / $10 NTUC vouchers for the next 3,500 new sign ups
  • Vouchers will be available while stock last
  • Vouchers are not refundable or exchangeable
  • Other terms & conditions apply


*Terms & Conditions for $20 Bill Rebate

  • $20 bill rebate will be credited into your 6th month electricity bill. 
  • In the event of any early termination of the Agreement by either the Retailer or the Customer, for any incentive given (in the form of Cash Rebate, Vouchers or Billing Rebate) to the Customer as stated in the application form, the Customer shall be required to pay an amount equal to the pro-rata of the value of the incentive given, with reference to the balance of the Unexpired Term.
  • Other terms & conditions apply

Complimentary NTUC Vouchers^ + $20 Bill Rebate*

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25.52 cents/kWh